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Collated by Mark Beevers - Joint County Recorder

All rarities are subject to approval by the Rarities Committee


During the breeding season please do not put into the public domain (i.e. post on Facebook, Twitter, EBird, RBA, Birdguides etc) species which are rare breeders like Hen Harrier, Little Ringed and Ringed Plover, Merlin or potential breeders unless you are sure they are not breeding. If we can see the information so can the egg collectors etc.
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The County Joint Recorders

Mark Beevers Roy Frost Syd Garton
There are three Joint Recorders, Mark Beevers is responsible for the county list and the chairing of the Rarities Committee, Roy Frost is responsible for Rare Breeding Birds and "Syd" Garton is Editor of the Derbyshire Bird Report which is the official county record

Location and details for some of the principal sites can be found here

The on-line Rarity Form can be found here