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This form is in several parts for you to supply the information we need for the Rarities Committee to process your observation

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Certainty of identification:


This is the most important part of the form so please make sure you fill it out to the best of your ability using your recollection of details from the day. Please include the names of anyone present who disagreed with the identification.

The description should show that you noted all the relevant features of the species in question and that you understand the differences with similar species. To write a good description you should go back to basics and give details of size, shape, colour, behaviour. You should include the circumstances of finding the bird, details of how you came to the identification of your bird and eliminated other similar species.

The Rarities Committee will assess your form so without an adequate description they will find it difficult to make a decision. If the Committee cannot make a decision it will be recorded as "Not Proven" or "Rejected". This is not a reflection of your birding skills/experience and should not be taken as a negative, but it does mean that your form did not describe the observation in enough detail to be certain from an outsider's point of view. The Rarity Form is your way of ensuring that the Committee can see the bird through your eyes, so include as much information as possible. If you need any guidance please contact the County Recorder.

Some common mistakes when submitting forms are:

  • Saying when and where you saw it but not what it looked like
  • Not including details of how you ruled out similar species
  • "It must have been this species" or "I have seen one before" or "Because the Merlin app said so"
  • "I am an experienced birder" - we all have to submit a convincing description
  • "Well observed bird seen by several observers" - we still need a description despite it being seen by many people

If you would like to discuss your submission then the County Recorder can help.

That's it, all done but if you have photos you can add them on the next page

This form will be sent to the Rarities Committee Secretary, Steve Thorpe - see the contacts page for his details