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25 May Wood Warbler and 2 Stonechats at Padley Gorge

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NOW AVAILABLE!!! Derbyshire Bird Report 2014

DBR 2014 Cover

The latest Derbyshire Bird Report published November 2015. Complete Systematic List for the 206 species seen in Derbyshire in 2014, Lesser Black-backed Gull – a new breeding species for Derbyshire, probable urban breeding of Lesser Black-backed Gull, the effect of winter temperatures on Wren survival, late winter and early spring gatherings of Curlew, ten Peregrine years and more

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Derby Peregrines

Catch up on all the Peregrine news at Derby Cathedral Peregrine Project here

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Wildlife Crime

If you witness or suspect wildlife crime then please contact the police (ask for a Wildlife Crime Officer) or RSPB. Your information will be dealt with in confidence but if, for any reason, you are reluctant to take either of those routes then please at least pass the information to Crimestoppers by ringing 0800 555111

Access to Drakelow NR for permit holders

All visitors to Drakelow should be aware that work on the solar farm on site has begun and visitors are expected to sign in, and out, at the site office/red van on the left of the access road before the hairpin bend. The section of road immediately prior to this has had hardcore laid but not rolled, making for a very dodgy surface. Many workers and associated vehicles are on site, and two cranes are also expected to arrive at some point soon. As the access road to the Reserve car park may be frequently blocked it has been suggested that an alternative car park will be provided whilst the work goes on, but where this may be has not yet been determined. Further updates as to the situation will be made when known, AG

The Birds of Derbyshire

Some excellent reviews recently e.g. in British Birds. For details of the new DOS book and how to order click here

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Meetings and trips


The next indoor meeting will be in September

The next planned Field Trip will be on Saturday 28 May 2016 to Longdendale

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  Site restrictions

Birdwatchers are are asked to respect the following restrictions:

  • Willington GP: Please stay on the main tracks, do not use the gravel company roads and stay away from the water on the Canal Pit
  • Foremark Reservoir: No access at any time to the area along the dam wall or the the west side of the reservoir
  • Ambaston GP: Please stay on the public footpath
  • Drakelow NR: Please do not walk in front of the main hide
  • Aston-on-Trent GP: This is a private working gravel pit with permit only access during working hours. The closer pits can be viewed from the A50 slip road with a telescope but no access should be attempted AT ANY TIME (or you will have to explain yourself to the local constabulary!)

Safety first!

Respect landowner's privacy

"The interests of the bird comes first"

Birdwatchers code of Conduct


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